A Little About Sweet Chili

Sweet Chili is a design & brand management company with strong alliances around the world to keep your business looking sweet. When you hire Sweet Chili, you’re hiring over 30 years of experience in different flavours, making sure your brand keeps staying strong.

We’ll manage everything that has to do with your brand from organizing your past files, to designing and printing new brochures, to filming and broadcasting your exciting new advertisement. We strive to give you the service you deserve, and the products you’ll love.

At Sweet Chili, brand management is the process of taking care of your company’s brand. To make sure all marketing material adheres to a strict branding guide, ultimately creating a stronger and more cohesive brand for your company. Make no mistake, all major corporations have whole departments managing their brand and making sure it’s going in the same direction as the company. The problem is, most successful independent companies can’t afford designers and brand managers on-staff at all times. That’s where Sweet Chili comes in.

Sweet Chili will keep all of your files on a secure server, available to you from anywhere and at any time. Your files can be created by any design studio, it doesn’t matter. We’ll keep all your files here in one area and they’ll always be available to you, the way it’s meant to be.

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